NRG has established a strong relationship with the Federal Government of Canada based upon a commitment to successfully execute contracts, meet deliverables, and satisfy objectives. We have been awarded numerous Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements, which provide vehicles by which services and goods may be purchased. NRG has conducted 350 projects for over 35 different departments and agencies of the Canadian Federal Government throughout all regions of Canada.  NRG has also invested in the purchase of companies that provide valuable services to First Nations.


Naut'sa mawt
Tribal Council

NRG is owned and managed by Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council, a non-profit society that provides advisory services to its eleven member First Nations in five core delivery areas.

Procurement Strategy
for Aboriginal Business

The Canadian Government spends approximately $14 billion a year on goods, services, and construction. The Strategy helps Aboriginal  business gain better access to the overall federal procurement process.

Our Coast Salish

Coast Salish Cultural values guide the conduct of NRG at every level, creating a legacy of trust and confidence while treating suppliers, customers and partners with dignity, honesty and respect.


Naut'sa mawt Resources Group (NRG) was founded by the Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council in 1997 after the Government of Canada announced its Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses. We pursue opportunities to offer value-added products and services to private and public sectors across Canada. We establish strategic partnerships with service providers and manufacturers that enable us to augment our access to different products and specialized expertise. As a community owned venture, we are mindful of our Coast Salish cultural values, which guide the conduct of our business at every level.

Projects have ranged in size from under $1,000 to over $1 million, and have involved partnerships with First Nation and non-First Nation owned businesses and individuals alike.  Through its entire corporate history NRG’s legacy does justice to the Coast Salish values which are the foundation of the company.   It has honoured its contractual commitments for each and every one of its projects – big and small.  It has created a legacy of trust and confidence by treating its suppliers, customers and partners with dignity, honesty and respect.



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As a First Nation owned business with almost 20 years of experience, Naut'sa mawt Resources Group is an ideal partner for businesses and individuals interested in accessing the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business to provide goods and services to the Federal Government.

We have an untarnished reputation with the Federal Government of Canada and have successfully conducted 350 projects over 35 different departments and agencies of the Canadian Government.

We have strong relationships with our partners, and a track record of meeting our obligations. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Naut'sa mawt Resources Group, please contact us.


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