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Xyntax is used by over 100 organizations throughout Canada. These range in size from 200 to over 14,000 members with an approximate combined yearly operating budget of nearly $1 billion.


In March, 2013 the Government of Canada passed the First Nations Financial Transparency Act, which identifies additional financial regulations for First Nations. This legislation, coupled with First Nations inherent right to self-government, has created an even greater need for accountability and transparency. As these needs increase so, too, does it become crucial that an effective financial management tool be employed by First Nations. Xyntax provides that tool, and empowers band administrators and program managers to effectively manage band funds and programs.


Each Xyntax system includes a core set of integrated administrative modules that directly link to a membership database. Unlike with other accounting software Xyntax is a complete, fully integrated, First Nations data management system. Xyntax is not a spinoff, converted, or repurposed accounting system, nor is it an add-on or an upgrade. Xyntax’s non-reliance on either external applications or third party software allows it to address many of the reporting requirements that are particular to First Nations and not found in most other accounting solutions. Xyntax offers a unique, fully integrated, and easy-to-use software solutions - all developed with, and for, First Nations.


Through proprietary design, Xyntax is the only Canadian, financial management suite able to perform to the standards of aboriginal organizations with complex requirements, yet is still easy enough to be used in smaller organizations, who may have fewer financial management system requirements. Through this scalability, Xyntax is flexible enough to fit any Tribal Council, First Nation, and band-empowered organization regardless of size.


Xyntax is currently the only software solution available to First Nation organizations in Canada that meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • Designed to meet the unique requirements of First Nations in Canada.

  • Fully integrated; direct ties into a full ERP financial management system and band membership database (no importing/exporting data!)

  • Real-time transactional tracking - even within a modular software product.

  • Does not rely on any third party software products.


Isn't it time you started using a product designed for your needs?


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